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Hong Kong - The final resting place for 280 brave Canadians, who defended this Island and City and after a fierce battle surrendered to the Japanese Army, at 1430 hrs on 25 Dec 1941

Peter Sutton's Visit (2004)
Anthony Charters' Visit (April 2013)

Peter Sutton's Visit (2004)

Sixty-three years later, Col Peter Sutton was visiting his daughter in Hong Kong and decided to give his grandsons, Bryan, Michael and Eric Heidinger a valuable history lesson, and in the true Signal Corps traditions, fashioned some "close-order drill" for the lads. Soon the three lads, accompanied by the family were at the Cemetery, where at exactly 1430 hrs a wreath laying ceremony took place. The wreath bearers, Michael and Eric, marched to the cross and turned the wreath over to their older brother, Bryan, who placed the wreath bearing The Signallers Club of Canada ribbon.

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Michael, Eric & Bryan Heidinger
Col Peter Sutton

A Tribute from
The Signallers Club of Canada

Our Wreath

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Anthony Charters' Visit (April 2013)

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