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Updated 10 December 2014



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I was born in Eastern Passage, N.S. 14 Jun 1938.
Joined the RCCS 12 Nov 1958 in Halifax, Retired June 1988.
Medals/decorations: CD, (CPSM) ,Cyprus 1966(UNICYP),Egypt 1975-76 (UNEF2), Lebanon 1978 (UNIFIL)
Postings: Went to 3 Sigs Sqn Gagetown in Sept 1959 until Aug 1964,
Posted to RC Signals School in Kingston 1964-1967, posted to 702 Comm Sqn Petawawa and 1 Fd Sqn RC Engineers until Mar 1971.
Posted to 403 Tac Hel Sqn, Edmonton 1971-1974
Posted to 2 Cbt Group/SSF Sigs Petawawa 1974-Aug 1981.
Posted to 1 CSR Kingston1981-1985 and then to CFSCE Kingston 1985-1988.
After retiring I sold real estate 1988-2004, or at least tried.
Married my lovely wife Ruth, a Registered Nurse, also from Nova Scotia, in 1960.
I have two children: Kevin Negus, has a doctorate in Engineering, lives in USA, also my daughter Patricia Mathewson, owns a business in Kingston (Better Baths by Design). I have three grand children, Scott who has a Masters degree in Mech Engineering, Amy who is a Teacher and Mitchell Salter, a student.
Now I enjoy Travelling, Gardening, Curling and Golf, plus reading, history and mystery novels.