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Updated 8 August 2013

14 Oct 1945 (age 23)
Amersfoort, Holland

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I was a Sgmn Operator, W & L.
We used code, exclusively, during the war; R/T after.
I was part of Army, in a special outfit called CASSU (Cdn. Air Support Signals Unit). l was in a 4 man detachment. Our job was to travel with front line formations and, when requested, send messages to headquarters which were relayed to the Air Force asking for air support. We usually asked for Typhoons (was rockets) or Mosquitoes (with bombs or rockets) to attack selected targets such as: concentrations, guns, hull down tanks, ops, etc..
Our detachment was sometimes attached to British outfits which were part of the Cdn. Army in NW Europe. We were at one time with the British 49th (Polar Bear Div.) The 51st Highland Div. (the Gordon Highlanders), in France; then with the 7th  Armoured  (The Desert Rats); then with the 7th Royal Recce Regt, in Belgium. Back with the Cdn Army for the Estuary Clearance. In Jan. and Feb. with the 49th (SP) anti-tank, Spent the rest of the war with Cdn. outfits. When a battle was over or an outfit went into rest, we were transferred.

Worked in several mines until 1948. Worked for a paper Company, in forestry, did mostly mapping, for 26 years. Final 14 years l worked for Engineering Services. (same company).
Retired in 1987.
Not doing too much of anything these days.