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Updated 8 August 2013


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Enlisted at #1 PD Halifax NS on June 1951
School of Signals July 1951
Basic Training July Sept 1951
OWL course Oct to DEC 1951
81 Field Regt RCHA Signal Troop DEC 1951
Camp Petawawa joined the 81 Fd Regt RCHA Signal Tp there Jan 52
Korea with 81 Field Regt March 1953 Mar 1954
Camp Borden/Meaford RCAC May 1954 to Apr 1957 
Attented Jnr NCO course at Petawawa from there.
Nova Signal Sqn Hammond Plains Transmitter Site Apr 1957 Aug 1959 
Attented Snr NCO course from there 6 Jan-7 Mar 1958
PEI I and A Cadre Aug 1959 Mar 1962
Congo Mar 1962 Sep 1962
Kingston,Ont School of Signals Sep 1962 June 1964
Eastern Ont Signal Sqn Sept 1964 Aug 1966 
Released at Halifax on Sept 1966

In 1969 I joined the RCMP as a CM and worked as a Radio Tech for 16 years.
Retired after two Back operations in 1981.
Now play with Computer and Amateur Radio operator under the call signs of VA1RCS and VE1HDW. Also keep in touch with the number of Sigs Pers still hanging around in the Truro area.