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Updated 8 August 2013

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SC135782 - 429364 581 CWO R.J. Knapton was born at Kingston, Ontario, on 7 July 1930, moved to Ganaoque, Ontario, in 1936 on his father's retirement from the Military (RCHA), where he attended elementary and secondary schools. Enlisted in the Army at No. 5 Personnel Depot Kingston, Ontario, on 25 May 1948 in the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, at which he completed basic military, trade and corps training at the Royal Canadian School of Signals, Vimy Barracks, Barriefield, Ontario.  Through the years has served in various communications stations, units and facilities. Has been employed in and held a variety of positions such as radio, teletype, operator and shift supervisor at Oshawa and Ottawa Wireless Stations as well as No. 1 Army Signal Squadron NDHQ from 1949 until the summer of 1955 (during this period was promoted to Sargeant) and posted to Central Command, Oakville, Ontario, as the Signal Centre Superintendent until 1960.  He served in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force, Belgian Congo at Leopoldville, Albertville, Kamina and Elizabethville Detachments as a Cryptographer 1961 - 1962.  On return to Canada was promoted to S/Sgt and served in the Royal Canadian School of Signals as an instructor in both military and trade disciplines until July of 1966 when he was promoted to QMS(WO2) and was moved to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Communications Squadron Halifax, soon to become 726 Communications Squadron.  Was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 01 November 1969 and moved to 702 Communications Squadron Petawawa, Ontario as the Operations Warrant Officer in 1970.  Was posted to 2 Combat Group Headquarters and Signal Squadron in 1972, was appointed and carried out duties of the Squadron Sergeant Major in this Mobile Command (FMC) unit until 1976.  On completion of this tour moved to Canadian Forces Distributing Authority at CFB Kingston until the 2nd of August 1977 when he was appointed as Base Chief Warrant Officer of Canadian Forces Base Kingston, which is one of the largest Canadian Forces Training System bases.  On completion of this appointment on 5 August 1981, was moved to 70 Communication Group Headquarters at Canadian Forces Base Trenton, where he held the appointments of Group Chief Warrant Officer and Group Chief Communications operator.

CWO Ron Knapton was invested as a member of the Order of Military Merit at Government House, Ottawa, in May of 1983.  His appointment to the Order was published in the Canada Gazette dated 18th December 1982.  He retired from the Canadian Forces (Army) in January 1986, having served 38 years.

On retirement, he and his wife Joan moved to Gananoque where he became very active in Gananoque Branch 92 of the Royal Canadian Legion, having served in most executive positions.

Ron and Joan were married for 58 years, they knew each other for 60 years, they raised six children. His wife Joan passed away 15 March 2007.