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Updated 8 August 2013

May 1955

October 2007

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Sept. 50: Joined 299 Air Cadet Sqn, Yarmouth, NS
Sept. 5 1: Joined 110 Army Cadet Sqn, Yarmouth
Sept. 52: Joined 84th Field Bty, 14th Field Regiment RCA, Yarmouth
Jan. 55: Joined the Signal Corps as a TelOp on Jan. 17th, 1955 at 1 PD Halifax. I was given an L2 for flat feet and a P2 for being underweight. I was 19 a week later on the 24th and was 6'2" weighing 139 lbs. There were no uniforms in the system to fit me, so I got special made Tip Top uniforms.
Basic training was with K107.
Jun. 56: 1 Sig Sqn Ottawa, attached posted to lCIDSR for two months for the 1956 Gagetown Concentration. I drove a WW2 60 Hundredweight (3 ton) truck to Gagetown, that was an experience.
April 57: NB Sig Sqn, Fredericton
Sept. 57: 57 Sig Sqn, UNEF Egypt
Oct. 58: Manitoba Sig Sqn, Winnipeg
Feb. 62: NORTHAG Sig Sqn, Rheindahlen, Germany 62 Maastrich, Holland
Aug. 65: 740 Cornrn Sqn, Nanaimo, BC
Jun. 70: 726 Cornrn Sqn Det CFB Cornwallis, Cornwallis, NS
Jul. 73: CFSCE, CFB Kingston (TelOp instructor)
Jun. 76: TRC (Rockcliffe), CFB Ottawa
Mar. 78: Retired to Yarmouth, NS
Mar. 80: Moved to Deep Brook, NS to work in Cornwallis as CM3 and others.
Feb. 82: Joined CIC Reserve to work with 26 RCASC Cornwallis
Mar. 84: Moved to Halifax to work at CFB Halifax, Bedford Magazine, later to Dockyard, Halifax in Gladstone St., Stores.
Mar. 84: Dec. 90, CIC reserve with 342 & 529 Air Cadet Sqns in Halifax.
Jan. 96: Retired from CFB Halifax
Sep. 96: Vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Feb. 97: Met future wife, Maureen
Jul. 98: Married in Yarmouth, NS
Apr. 99: Immigrated to US

I have always felt blessed to have had a military career, it gave me a life.