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Updated 8 August 2013

Korea, May 1953

Dr. Lynda Haverstock, Lt Gov of Sask.,
 and Leonard, 2006

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Joined Canadian army Feb 5 1952, #9 PD Regina Sask.
Went to RCCS Kingston for basic training where I caught up with brother Gordon Good.
Gordon was in K52 and I was in K55.
After basic training put into X troop waiting for a line course.
2-3 days later a Cpl asked if I had a drivers license and when I responded yes that ended the Line course.
10 days later on the standing orders I was posted to Wainwright Alta with the Sigs Troop attached to the 81st Field Royal Canadian Artillery.
We spent the summer in Wainwright in the fall we were shipped to Petawawa Ontario.
Dec 1952, put on draft for Korea. In March 1953 we were shipped to Korea. On the 15th of April we took over from the 1st RCHA. 
July the 27th 1953 the cease fire came through.
Returned to Canada May 1954.
After 66 days leave, posted to St George NB, (the old New Brunswick Rangers camp).
Back to Regina Sask, Feb 1955.
Honorably released in March 1955.
Worked for a power line contractor building rural Saskatchewan. Got my Line course.
1959 February - huge company lay offs - no contracts.
Went working IRON which took me to Alberta, Sask, Manitoba, Ontario. Had a call to go to the SkyDome in Toronto.
In 1991 working at the heavy oil upgrader in Lloydminster. My ankle was crushed and that ended the iron work.
1992 - back in uniform with the Commissioners.
2004 - After 12 years retired for good.
2005 - Revisited Korea with my wife Marilyn, who was My EARS! What  a change and a really good trip.
March 2006 - Her Honour Dr. Lynda Haverstock, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan presented me with the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal. 

Live at the lake now year round.