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Updated 8 August 2013

Karen & Terry

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1955-1957: 5 Sig Regt (Militia) PEI
1957-1959: Soldier Apprentice, RCS of S
1959-196: 1 Lineman,3 Sig Sqn, Gagetown
1961-1963: Instructor, Soldier Apprentices
1963-1964: 1 Line Troop
1964-1965: Sig Regt, Kingston
1964-1967: Weapons Instructor, RCS of S
1967-1971: Soest , Germany
1971-1973: Sig Regt, Kingston
1973-1974: UNEF, Egypt
1974-1975: 1 Line Troop
1975-1978: 726 Comm Sqn,Halifax
1978-1981: HQ CFCC, Ottawa
1981-1984: NDHQ, Ottawa
1984-1988: CFSCE, Line Trg & F Sqn
1988-1989: 1 Line Troop (released in Apr 89)
For three years I was the Bar Supervisor for the Cadet Mess at RMC followed by 9 years
at the WO's & Sgt's Mess as the Bar/Mess Supervisor. 
Was very active in the Union of National Defence Employees as the V/P for NPF Employees across Canada. 
Now retired and involved in ham radio (VE3AHU & VA3TRM), and the Signallers Club of Canada.