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Updated 8 August 2013

Young L/Cpl Murphy

Truro Reunion 2007

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WW (Walter) Murphy, Lineman
Enlisted in Sigs, 19 Aug 1950
Charlie Troop 1951, then Churchill, Manitoba
East Coast Sigs, Halifax, 1954
1 CIDSR 1955
UNEF 1, 1955-1956
Manitoiba 1959
Gagetown 1960-1967
UNEF 1, 1960-1961
Petawawa to 1973
Halifax 1973-1975
Discharged 1975
Employed with Halifax CE
I never did a posting that I asked for. Now living in Halifax and doing a lot of traveling in the Winter and spending the Summer visiting my children in Alberta. September is reunion time in Truro and hope to make it to Kingston for the next reunion.