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Updated 18 November 2014



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I was born on May 10th 1952 in New Westminster, BC. Being a son of a D-Day veteran meant that we were kept busy chopping wood and the many other chores we performed around the house so going into the military wasn’t that much of a difficult decision and we got paid to boot!

In 1968 I started off in the Royal Westminster Regiment as an Infantryman. Did Group 1 at Camp Albert Head near Victoria in summer of 1969. I graduated in 1970 from High School and worked as a Greenhouse worker/grower but in late 1971 I wanted to see the world so signed on in Vancouver as a 211 Radio Operator (Land).

For the 32+ years in the Regular Force I served in various postings and positions as a Radio/Signal Operator.

1972-75         1 Cdn Sig Regt, CFB Kingston
1973-74         UNFICYP - 644 Sig Tp - BBC Nicosia & SwedCon Famagusta
1975              UNEF II - 73 Sig Sqn UNDOF Sig Tp Quneitra & Comm Cen Tp Ismailia
1975-78         Cdn AB Regt - HQ & Sigs Sqn CFB Edmonton & Petawawa
1978-82         4 CMBG, Lahr Germany - 1 RCHA Sig Tp
1982-86         1 Cdn Sig Regt - CFB Kingston - A Tp, K Tp & Sqn Ops
1986-88         CFSCE - CFB Kingston, B Sqn - Rad Op Supervisor
1988-92         SSF HQ & Sig Sqn, CFB Petawawa - A, Sqn Ops
1988               UNIIMOG - 881 Sig Sqn, Ahvaz, Iran
1992               UNIFICYP - 254 Sig Sqn, UNPA, Nicosia, Cyprus
1992-94         1 Cdn Div HQ & Sig Regt, CFB Kingston
1994-2000     Res EW Sqn - CFB Kingston - RFTA WO
2000-01         CFJSR - CFB Kingston - Regt HQ SSM & Trg MWO
2001-02         PMO TCCCS Ottawa - Trg Coord
2002-04         CFJSG - CFB Kingston - J6 - SO CIS 2

In 2004 I transferred to the Comm Reserve and become Ch Comm Op and SSM of RES/772 EW Sqn. My final job in 2007-08 was as 70 Comm Group - Ch Comm Op. In 2008 I thought it was good time that I pull the pin as I wanted to do other things before I get too old and decrepit. I have many fond memories of my time in the CF and worked for/with some of the best. We worked and played hard while getting the job done to a very high standard which is a credit due to the high calibre of soldiers we have in the C & E Branch. I could not have chosen a better "lot in life".

I presently live in Yarker just north of Kingston and have fun working on 50 yr old Studebakers (3) and my 1972 Norton Commando which I have owned since new for 42 yrs. Lorna and I go south every year to Sunny Florida in our fifth wheel so no snow shovelling for this guy. If any of my old Sigs buddies are in the area feel free to drop by for a coffee or beer. Check out my website at