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C & E Reunion 2018
31 August - 2 September 2018, Kingston, Ontario
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Should anyone want to register for the reunion but lack access to a computer, they can contact the Branch Office directly and we can conduct the registration on their behalf. The numbers they can call are:
Maj Tyler Lavigne at 613-541-5010 ext 8371
Lt Eric Brisebois at 613-541-5010 ext 5152

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Annual General Meeting Minutes, 29 April 2018 added in the Members Only area, 24 May 2018

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 18 April 2018 added in the Members Only area, 22 May 2018

New Executive Members added in the Sigs Club Org, 2 May 2018

Heritage and Museum Committee Minutes updated in Newsletters & Sitreps added 22 March 2018

Application for Life membership by annually paying Members. See Application Form, added 12 Dec 2017

Amended Club Bylaw No 1 and Financial Management instructions added in the Constitution area, 3 Nov 2017

Photos from the Benny Sur Mer D Day Commemoration 2017 are at Photo Albums added 11 Sept 2017

The PRO's Signaller Emails have been converted to PDF and added in the Members Only area, 3 May 2017

Photos from the Vimy 100 Ball are at Photo Albums added 15 Apr 2017

The Projects page updated at Projects added 13 Feb 2017

Memorial Line Truck at 2016 CNE photos added 3 October 2016

The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Soldier Apprentices website - updated link added 12 September 2016

The Sigs Club now can take Credit Card payments and new application forms. See Application Form, added 25 July 2016

Jack Gross Plaque posted in Photo Albums, added 9 June 2016

Signaller Club postal address has changed, see Contacts, added 2 June 2016

AFP/AAC Newsletter To external webpage icon with info on pensions added 31 May 2016

The Membership List and the Signallers Club Book of Remembrance can be viewed either as a single long list (List) or as a series of pages with a few names on each page (Pages) added 17 April 2016

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